Practice Update, July 2020

We are posting this to update you on the services that we have re-opened, and that are now available for patients.

Keeping everyone as safe as possible is at the heart of every decision Fort House makes, but we are also very aware of the importance of resuming screening programmes/services.

The BMA and our CCG have provided us with guidance around the re-introduction of services and we would be happy to talk through any concerns you may have prior to booking.

We re-started our smear clinics as soon as we were allowed and as a result, have seen a large number of patients who have taken advantage of this service. Please contact the surgery if you believe you are due a smear.

We have recently re-started coils/ring pessary appointments – again, please contact us via the website if you are due a coil change or would like to discuss having one fitted.

Patients who are on our minor surgery waiting list will be contacted shortly and offered an appointment

Currently the only service we are not allowed to re-start is Spirometry.

We are also not able to have the BP machine available for use in the waiting room, but please do send us a message if you have a recent blood pressure reading you would like us to note on your records

Please take this opportunity to contact us via our website to confirm your telephone numbers/email address and any other heath information that you feel would be useful to us.

This can include your height, weight, recent BP, smoking status, or if you are a carer for an individual.

If you need further support, please remember that anyone can self-refer to Surrey IAPT services for counselling:

Continue to concentrate on your physical health too, so please eat healthily, exercise regularly, moderate any alcohol consumption and consider stopping smoking (

If you are experiencing any personal or financial hardships as a result of the pandemic, you can reach our partners at Citizens Advice Elmbridge West

The team would also be grateful if you could give feedback on our new website.

Our Practice Manager would be very keen to hear from you (

Finally, the Partners would like to thank the whole team at Fort House, and all our patients who have supported us during this unprecedented time.