19th July – ‘Freedom Day’

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make the surgery as safe as possible for all our patients and staff.

We will continue to do this going forward.

From 19th July nothing will change at the surgery.

Patients will still need to wear a mask, socially distance and use hand sanitiser. Staff will continue to wear PPE.

We do understand that it can be frustrating but we also know that when patients come to us they can be sick and vulnerable (and some cannot receive the Covid vaccination due to medical reasons) so we feel it would be wrong to remove these steps that can protect patients and staff alike.

In terms of ‘opening up’, as many of you know – we have never shut.

Our team have had more interactions and consultations with patients than we had before Covid (using a variety of methods) but the clinical staff have always seen patients (or referred to the ‘hot’ clinic) if they clinically need to.

In addition several members of staff have been instrumental in managing/working at the vaccination centre in Walton.

Fort House Surgery has come so far in trying to minimise the impact of Covid to our whole community and we are sure you will understand that we need to keep the surgery as safe as we can for all patients and staff.