Booking from 8th September 2020.

Dear Patient,

The flu vaccination season is nearly upon us and we are due to get our flu vaccinations shortly.

Please note that the patient groups eligible to receive a flu vaccination have not changed.

If you were not eligible for a flu vaccine last year, you will not be entitled to one this year (unless certain criteria/conditions in your health or circumstances have changed).

If you are entitled to a flu vaccine, please contact our reception team from the 8th September to book an appointment. Please give an up-to-date email address and mobile number to our reception team when you call to book.

We will have enough appointments for everyone who needs one and will be running clinics throughout September and October.

If your details do not flag on our system as being in an included group but you wish to query this, our reception team will fill in a Footfall request detailing why you feel you fall in to one of the eligible groups.

The receptionist answering the phone will not be able to review or change your eligibility, and will not be able to book one unless the system ‘allows’ it.

Please ensure you leave a correct mobile and email address.

The practice would like to vaccinate everyone who requests one, but we are under strict instructions (Government set criteria) and only have a finite number of flu vaccinations. We are not able to vaccinate patients who do not fall into the eligibility criteria.

We await any Government decision on extending the eligibility to other groups of patients (patients aged 50-65yrs), and will of course communicate this to you when we have more information.