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Patient Survey Feedback

PRG Report and Feedback 2013/14

Patient Survey Report

This year’s survey was run using an online survey facility which enabled patients to enter their responses directly. In addition we made survey forms available within the practice.

The survey was aimed at reviewing our capacity issues and how patients like to book appointments and how long it takes to book a routine appointment.

The survey questions were designed with the help of our virtual patient reference group so that the questions were about issues that mattered to you the patients. Should anyone wish to join our patient reference group, simply email with your request and we will add you to our circulation list.

We collected 208 (online) and 67 (in surgery) responses to our survey which was open for two weeks.

In summary:

• Overall satisfaction with the practice scored 91.84% were satisfied or thought the practice was very good or excellent.

• Our weakest areas, according to the scores were:

  • Being able to see a preferred GP
  • Being able to book ahead
  • How quickly you could see the GP of your choice

Currently we are using a daily duty doctor which enables patients to be seen on the day for any urgent problems they may have. The drawback of this at that is uses a lot of doctor time and therefore we have fewer routine appointments available. Although patients are always seen quickly it is not always with the doctor of their choice. The results of the survey reflected this with a lot of comments around a 10-14 day wait to see GP of choice.

In response:

We have reviewed our entire appointment system

Performed a further Audit on capacity/appointments

Looked at how other practices manage appointments


The aim will be to offer a new appointments system from 6th January 2014 which address’s good access –

  • Patients being able to book an appointment quickly, within a reasonable timeframe, or pre-book one if they wish;
  • Patients being able to see a preferred Clinician if they wish to wait longer for an appointment;
  • Patient access to reliable information about the practice, so that they can make their own decisions about the access they require;
  • Patients being able to book an appointment on the telephone but also by other means, such as through the internet.
  • Patients being able to telephone the practice throughout the day and speak to a GP within a reasonable timeframe.

Each GP will now have a selection of routine/book on the day/telephone consultations in every clinic.

We will review the new system after six weeks and again after three months.


We received some very positive and complimentary comments on the survey feedback forms which we would like to thank you for; it’s an incredible boost for staff to receive these.

We also received a number of comments on areas that you feel we can make improvements and these have been taken on board and addressed.

Any further comments are welcome via our email address above.

Thank you very much indeed to everyone who took part.

Compiled by Debbie Woods (Practice Manager)

Survey Results:

How do you normally book your appointments at the practice? Please tick all boxs that apply

Answer Choices – Responses –
In person 12.12%
By Phone 70.71%
On line 56.57%
Doesn't apply 0%
Total Respondents:

Thinking of times when you want to see the doctor of your choice: How quickly do you usually get seen?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Same day or next day 8.08%
2-4 days 13.13%
5 days or more 60.61%
I dont usually need to be seen quickly 17.17%
Dont know, never tried 1.01%
Total 99

How important is it to you to be able to book appointments ahead of time?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Important 83.84%
Not important 16.16%
Total 99

How easy is it to book ahead in the practice?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Very easy 23.23%
Fairly easy 44.44%
Not very easy 21.21%
Not at all easy 9.09%
Don’t know 0%
Haven’t tried 2.02%
Total 99
Comments 33

How often do you see the GP you prefer?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Always or almost always 35.35%
A lot of the time 22.22%
Some of the time 35.35%
Never or almost never 4.04%
Not tried at this GP Practice 3.03%
Total 99
Comments 20

Which of the following additional opening hours would make it easier for you to see someone?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Before 8am 37.50%
At lunchtime 14.58%
After 6:30pm 52.08%
On a Saturday 55.21%
None of these 16.67%
Total Respondents:
Comments 20

Are you male or female?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Male 40.82%
Female 59.18%
Total 98

How old are you?

Answer Choices – Responses –
under 16yrs 0%
16yrs to 44 yrs 31.63%
45yrs to 64yrs 43.88%
65yrs to 74yrs 20.41%
Over 74yrs 4.08%
Total 98

What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

Answer Choices – Responses –
American Indian or Alaskan Native 0%
Asian or Pacific Islander 3.06%
Black or African American 0%
Hispanic or Latino 0%
White / Caucasian 94.90%
Prefer not to answer 2.04%
Total Respondents:

Overall, how would you describe your experience of the Surgery?

Answer Choices – Responses –
Excellent 37.76%
Very Good 29.59%
Good 24.49%
Satisfactory 5.10%
Poor 3.06%
Very Poor 0%
Total 98
Comments 36

Patient Survey Feedback - Opening Hours February 2013

We are pleased to be able to feedback to you the results of the recent survey we carried out around appointments at the practice.

We received over 100 completed questionnaires back from a wide selection of ages and ethnic backgrounds.

These are detailed at the end of the survey below.

We were delighted that 96% of you were more than fairly satisfied with the hours during which you can be seen for an appointment, however we understand that we can still improve on this and are open to hearing new suggestions you may have.

We predominately wanted to look at appointments since we have had over 600 new patients register with us since this time last year with a current list size of 10,200 and continuing to grow we are aware that the practice is extremely busy at certain times of the day and access to a receptionist to book appointments can be difficult during these busy periods.

The three main areas that we feel we can address are:

  • Access to booking appointments
  • Waiting time for a routine appointment with ANY doctor
  • Use of Duty Doctor

Our proposal is to take the following action:

  • Highlight to patients via the website/Newsletter/E-mails/Notice board our opening hours including extended hours.
  • Highlight to patients via the website/Newsletter/E-mails/Notice board the different options for booking appointments – face to face/telephone/internet booking
  • Increase duty doctor hours (Now two GPS doing 4 hrs each) on a Monday morning which is the busy day of the week to ensure everyone who needs to be seen urgently does not have to wait.
  • Stagger /embargo appointment release so that some routine appointments are released each week to cope with demand.
  • Review extended hours in April to ensure that we are still providing the most appropriate service for out of hour’s appointments.
  • Increase nursing hours to match GPS appointments and employ a Nurse Practioner to help with Chronic Disease management.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on these actions.


How many times have you consulted (either face to face or by telephone) with a Doctor or Nurse in the past 12 months?

  Response Percent Response Count
Not at all 2.0% 2
Between 1-3 35.0% 35
Between 3-6 32.0% 32

When an appointment is needed can you typically attend the Practice for appointments between 08:30-6:30pm Monday to Friday?

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 87.0% 87
No 13.0% 13

Did you know we offer pre-bookable appointments on a Saturday morning?

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 68.0% 68
No 32.0% 32

Do you use our internet service to book appointments?

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 57.0% 57
No 43.0% 43

How do you rate the hours we are open for appointments?

  Response Percent Response Count
Poor 4.0% 4
Fair 14.0% 14
Good 30.0% 30
Very Good 33.0% 33
Excellent 19.0% 19
No Opinion 0.0% 0

Please rate how easy is it to contact us by telephone?

  Response Percent Response Count
Poor 6.0% 6
Fair 20.0% 20
Good 28.0% 28
Very Good 25.0% 25
Excellent 18.0% 18
No opinion 3.0% 3

Have you used our Duty Doctor telephone assessment service for medical problems needing attention on the day?

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 72.7% 72
No 27.3% 27

Please rate this service

  Response Percent Response Count
Poor 0.0% 0
Fair 3.2% 3
Good 12.9% 12
Very Good 23.7% 22
Excellent 38.7% 36
No opinion 21.5% 20

How do you rate the manner in which you are treated by the receptionists/admin team.

  Response Percent Response Count
Poor 2.0% 2
Fair 22.0% 22
Good 22.0% 22
Very Good 28.0% 28
Excellent 25.0% 25
No opinion 1.0% 1

Generally, are you happy with the length of time you wait for a pre-bookable appointment with the Doctor of your choice?

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 60.0% 60
No 40.0% 40

Are you male or female?

  Response Percent Response Count
Male 46.0% 46
Female 54.0% 54

How old are you?

  Response Percent Response Count
Under 18 0.0% 0
18-24 0.0% 0
25-34 13.10% 13
35-44 28.30% 28
45-64 40.40% 40
over 65 18.20% 18

What is your ethnic group?

  Response Percent Response Count
White 92.70% 89
Mixed 3.10% 3
Asian 2.10% 2
Black or black British 1.00% 1
Chinese 0.00% 0
Other 1.00% 1
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